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Introduction » Accessories » ULTRA 1806 3500KV brushless M Graupner S7095


ULTRA 1806 3500KV brushless M Graupner S7095


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ULTRA 1806 3500KV brushless M Graupner S7095 Specifications:
High-performance motors for Multicopter and foam models
Handwounded brushless outrunner motors with special multiple winding for optimum efficiency and optimized cooling
All motors of this series impress by an enormously high torque and show their full potential in direct drive.
Through the design principle of ULTRA motors a compact motor housing and optimum power to weight ratio are achieved.
Due to the 6 mm magnets, these motors have more torque and ensure optimum control for Racecopter 150...200.

  • Direction of rotation seen from the thread: CCW right-hand thread

Magnet : 6 mm
Operating voltage range [V]: 7.4...11.1 V
Overall length, approx. [mm] : 32 mm
Weight approx. [g]: 15 g
Recommended controller: ULTRA CONTROL 20 A
Number of poles: 12
Nominal voltage [V]: 7.4 V
Case length: 15 mm
Recommended propeller: 3-5"
Shaft diameter [mm]: 5 mm
Case diameter: 18 mm
Revolutions / Volt [kV]: 3500
Stator: 1306

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