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multipurpose experimental glider


In Stock: 3 ks
Wingspan:: 1035-1260 mm
Length:: 726 mm
Weight:: 180-350g
Výrobce: Hiesbök
our price:
69.00 EUR (75.21 USD) (We are not VAT payers)

into the basket:

The Samurai multi-purpose model kit is intended for moderately advanced modelers.

Many variations of the model can be created from one kit. It can be flown as a free model in the A1 category,
but you can also fly with it as a sports RC model. The model can be modified at any time while flying the model.
Almost any model equipment can be used. The elevator mounted on the rudder will allow you to land on a less modified flight area.
You do not need any coating material to complete the model. All you need is a little varnish, preferably a varnish.

The kit contains all the parts needed to build the model. The parts are cut with a quality laser (not Chinese).
The sash strips are ground to the appropriate profile.
The profile of the wing is LHKHi 06.
The kit did not contain glue and varnish.

Photos from the construction of the model can be found here.

The kit contains parts for all variants of the model.

Video from our customer from gliding with the Samurai model.

Watch DOG

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