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Introduction » Gliders » ŠOHAJ balsa version


ŠOHAJ balsa version



In Stock: 5 ks
Wingspan:: 1095 mm
Length:: 908 mm
Weight:: 230 g
our price:
59.00 EUR (64.31 USD) ( We are not VAT payers )

into the basket:

The new version of the model construction Šohaj this time made from traditional materials (mostly with balsa).

Compared to the original version of Mr. Prochazka 1956 uses a more modern wing profile (E205).

Against our original "plywood" version is at least 1/3 less weight especially in the tail. Furthermore, we reinforced a torsionally rigid rear fuselage coating.

To kit we put three sheets of our new coating paper.


The kit is made in new designs modeled in 2015 (as models sapper 13 Maxík, Andy etc.)

The kit is suitable for beginners and advanced pilots RC models.

Very nice presentation of our older model of the French modeller can be found here.


Main material is balsa.


Wingspan:        1095mm
Length:             908 mm
Weight:     min. 230g
Wing area:        cca 20 dm2
Wing loading from 11g/dm2