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Dear customers
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We works only on high-quality lasers
Companies Synrad



our price 59.00 EUR (64.31 USD)
our price 9.90 EUR (10.79 USD)

We are a small family company providing services in our region in various fields.

Services in the field of IT provide throughout the Czech Republic many corporate and private customers. In the field of IT we work since 1991.

We specialize in solving your problems and needs in the field of IT with regard to the long physical and moral life of the hardware and software for optimal price.

Since 2004, the company gradually expand into other areas of production.

Regular invest in the purchase of production zaříjení, especially in CNC and laser printers for large format printing.

Thanks to these investments for more than twenty years of design and manufacture a range of specific functional products.

Our products have been awarded eight times at international trade fairs in Prague.

You'll find them throughout the world. In Europe, Japan and America.

Products made from our semi-finished products can be found in places where you would expect it probably is.

We appreciate our partners for their friendship, trust and loyalty that we have in nearly a quarter century in good times and less favorable.